Bespoke Wedding Photography

At Ian Petrie's Photography our speciality is capturing the true meaning of the most beautiful day of your life. We have all seen the traditional classic wedding photographs, there’s certainly nothing wrong with those.

But they don’t always tell the true story of both your personalities, or the atmosphere in the air as two people commit their love and devotion for each other.

If you want your wedding photographs to showcase and carry your personality, your humour, and your spirit as a couple, you need to contact Ian Petrie's Photography today for all your photography and film requirements bespoke to your unique budget and requirements.

What is it we do best

Ian Petrie's Photography offers bespoke wedding photography across Nottingham, Derby & Lincoln areas as standard. Destination photography can also be quoted for as we are often photographing events across the uk and beyond.

Couples continually trust Ian Petrie's Photography to capture the most special day of their lives, from the birth of their new born child to their wedding.

Wedding photography isn’t just our business, it’s our way of life, our passion and our hobby all at the same time.

It’s an art-form that we have spent years learning and practising in order to properly represent our special couples life stories. It’s this passion for artistic, creative wedding photography that we’re proud to offer you.

Making it easy for you

A wedding can be an incredibly stressful to plan, so we don’t want to make the process of booking a wedding photographer difficult or confusing.

We’ve gone to great lengths to keep everything as simple as possible, which means you’re free to look forward to your special day, safe in the knowledge it’ll be beautifully captured via photographs or film.

Our services are mainly based around the Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, East Midlands, and South Yorkshire areas.

Every element of our service is focused around you, the way we approach the photographs is no different.

If you want a wedding photographer Nottingham couples will always recommend, contact us today.

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