Weddings are guaranteed to be a magical experience for all involved. But how to make them more memorable and magical: a magician maybe just what you need. Read our 7 reasons why you should consider hiring a wedding magician for your evening entertainment.

I hear it all the time, the guests can either be wow that wedding was amazing or what an utter boring wedding. Some times a bride or groom maybe court up in their moment and feeling nervous, delighted, or flustered to notice how your guests feel about the whole experience. Friends and family are likely to tell you it was an amazing day even if they did not enjoy it so they don't hurt your feelings. While your wedding is all about the two of you, we all know you want those you invite to have a great time as well.

What do Close-Up Magician do at a wedding?

If you're not sure what a close-up magician is, then let me explain a little further before getting into my 7 reasons to consider hiring a wedding magician.

A close-up magician is a more intimate form of magic. No stage act here, this is a often a table to table service. What does this mean, well this means you’re no more than a few feet away from your audience, this is why its more of an intimate magician entertainment.

This makes it important that we are perfect at our quick finger tricks. In order not to give away their secrets, they must practice regularly to perfect the tricks whilst several people are trying to figure out how they have done the tricks in front of their very eyes. Part of the fun is the the fact the magician can do tricks as they walk around the reception room,

from manipulate cards to coin tricks, even using household objects as our props, such as Sugar cubes, bottle caps, dice, pens, rings, etc. Lets move on to my 7 reasons to consider a wedding magician.

1. Wedding Magician Can Bring People Together.

The average wedding will have lots of people that don't know each other at all, or at least very well. it can mean you may have pockets of awkward silence between people at times.

So you may have 75 to 200+ guests to keep entertained throughout the evening, A wedding magician can help facilitate the meet and greet periods with some light entertainment to bring everyone together with some shocks and laughter and a wow factor, Just imagine the natural candid photos you will get with you and your guests being shocked, whilst your all having a good laugh at the same time wondering how its done, now that is the entertainment factor right there.

2. Your Photographer & Videographer Will Capture the tricks

Your photographer or videographer is trying to capture the best moments of your wedding. There will be moments when your photographers or videographers will guaranteed to capture moments of joy, tears and fun times, but the kind of enjoyment a wedding magician will bring to candid wedding photo moments can not be understand here. You could get a group of people engrossed in the trick with completely different feelings and expressions from laughter to confusion(how was that done) and so on.

3. Your Guests Become Part Of The Show

For the most part of a wedding, the guests, most of the time its watching what is happening, yes there will be drinks, food and dancing later in the evening. But what if you draw them in to be part of the entertainment at the same time. If you include a wedding magician, you bring the guests in on the fun you’re having. A wedding magician is able to work the crowd for you. They’ll entertain, amaze, and even gather a crowd as they work their magic Pun intended, Some times they can also act as a distraction if you need to slip away for 20 or 30 mins for some photos with the photographer. Could can checkout our photography work here

4. Because a Magician Is Unique

Let be honest, you may have never considered a magician for your wedding entertainment, and it’s most certainly not the first thing people think of when they want to look for “A wedding entertainment Service”. The standard go to for entertainment will be a wedding band, DJ or photobooth. I think they are all great traditional choices but not the only options out there. wedding couples who really want their guests to be entertained at their wedding try to find unique, non-cliche acts so the event is remembered for a very long time to come. A magician can be added for a few hours along side your Music entertainment choices.

5. Magicians Are Adaptable

If your wedding is all outside and then it does start to rain so the band or DJ can not continue due to technical difficulties then your magician can stand in for them with continuing to entertain as they don't need mechanical instruments or equipment. They can also adapt different tricks to suit different people, Appropriate for the kids, adults and even Granny or Grandad appropriate tricks.

6. It’s Entertainment

A wedding magician's job is to make people feel instantly comfortable, relaxed and have fun. They seem to be really good at settling peoples nerve and putting people at ease.

This ability to put people at ease helps them do do their tricks in particular their slight of hand. But if for some reason someone doesn’t want to participate or watch, they don’t have to, its not forced entertainment unlike say a comedian or even a band, a magician’s entertainment is completely optional for your guests.

7. Tailored tricks

Many wedding magicians can tailor certain tricks to suit your guests, they maybe able to come up with a brand new trick just for your special day, its unlikely they will be able to saw one of you in halve or anything as that's a stage magician not a close-up magician. You should be able to have a consultation with a close-up wedding magician who can show you a series of their standard tricks so you can see if this is the type of entertainment you are after.

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