Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer Or Videographer!

So your getting married and you have done your homework. You have picked your caterer, the venue, the cake, the centre pieces, the dresses, and everything is going just as planned. Now it's time to pick your wedding photographer, the person who will capture the moments you will cherish for a lifetime in pictures & video. Maybe you could ask your cousin who is an amateur photographer. He will do it for free or pretty cheap, and you could save some money.

Why is this not a good idea? Why do you want to hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding day? There is an enormous benefit to having a professional photographer for your wedding and these benefits far outweigh what you save in your budget by having a family member or friend do it. These pictures are the memories of your wedding day that only happens once, and that will never fade away.

Some of the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

After reading this article, the benefits will be clear if having lasting memories of your wedding day that you can share and cherish the rest of your lives, If this is important to you both, then this is an easy decision. Hiring a professional photographer ensures you get the best quality pictures using the best quality equipment. Cameras are only a very small part of the equation in capturing the perfect photograph.

Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror
Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror
Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror

Camera Equipment Knowledge

Sure anyone can purchase a DSLR | Nice Camera, but only those experienced professionals unlock its full potential. You want to hire a pro wedding photographer because of their experience harnessing their skill, it is as equally important because of the equipment they use. Your amateur might have a nice DSLR with a zoom lens, but usually, they will be restrained by not having a variety of lenses and not being of the professional calibre. The type of equipment is just as important as it is the person behind the camera. You want the top of the line equipment and the top of the line photographer who has the knowledge of how to use that equipment at a reasonable price range.

Communication and Reliability

Due to the importance of the photographer as pointed out above. The photographer needs to be a professional and not an amateur relative or friend. You need someone who has years of experience dealing with all the hiccups that come with the day. A professional will know how to communicate with the wedding party at where they need to be at and when they need to be there without making the wedding party feel like they are in the way or not part of this big day. No amateur, no matter how good will be able to maintain the distance and impartiality needed while still offering the intimacy and support needed and still get the shot.

The Photographers Role

Another huge reason to hire a professional wedding photographer and not use a amateur photographer is less distraction. A family member will want to also celebrate along with everyone else. This leads to shots being missed because they are chit chatting with other relatives they have not seen in awhile, or because they are too busy eating or dancing. Another thing to think about is other guests are more likely to step out of the way for a professional photographer because they know they are getting paid and are not part of the family, so the roles are defined. If you have a family member or friend shooting, some guests may not pay attention to them as much, step in front of their at crucial moments etc.

Photography Style

Hire a professional whose style matches yours and who will create the type of pictures you want. If you were to ask an amateur photographer what kind of style you wanted they are most likely not going to understand the difference between modern, fine art, traditional, photojournalist, or candid pictures. Can they deliver you what you exactly want? Most likely not. Think this through thoroughly and make sure your wedding photographer matches your style and go with the professional who immediately understands what you are talking about when you say what you want.

Wedding Photographer Provide More

On your wedding day, there is no person you will be spending more time with than your photographer from the getting ready shots to the departure. The one constant around you is the professional photographer that you have hired to catch every memory and every moment without being noticed. The photographer is the one who will notice the little details such as lipstick on the teeth or boutonnieres being put on upside down. They will let you know and help try to fix it. Even if you have a wedding planner they will not be your shadow all day but your photographer will. The photographer will be the one organising the wedding party to go to where they need to be and keeping everyone calm when anxiety/emotions arise.


You need to hire a professional that you, the couple, are comfortable with. Think about the amount of time you will be spending with this person on one of the most important days of your life. The professional photographer needs to be the best combination of experience and patience with understanding. They need to jive with your personality and be able to make your personality shine brightly on the wedding day. You need a professional that will remain calm with things that may go a different direction than originally planned for, someone who is flexible and goes with the flow of the day but yet keep some structure in tack.

Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror
Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror
Nottingham Wedding Photographer, Nottingham Wedding Photography, Groom reflection in mirror

Whom is the Professional Described Above

We are, Ian Petrie's Photography, We are all these things and more, as described above for the professional photographer. We know all of this because of our first-hand experience with dealing with these situations. We have been the ones to help guide the couple to figure out what style they are into and what time is the best lighting for the day. We have handled those crisis’s that arise from bride forgetting her bouquet to the minister not showing up. That is all just a part of being a great professional photographer. To be helpful, flexible, and give guidance to the most important day of your new life.

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