Starting out looking for the ideal wedding transport arrangements can prove to be a tall order, with so much choice from the style to the level of services you get. It’s important that you find a company and a car which meets all your requirements. Here are my 5 tips on wedding transport.

1. The Timings

It is important to work out the timings you will need the car, horse carriage for, You may need then to arrive at the location of your wedding preparation if this is not at the same location as the wedding its self. Time for some photos with the girls or boys together with the Wedding car from standing next to it to inside the car as well. Work out how long it will take to drive to the wedding and factor in any potential road works.

A little side tip - you maybe able to find out what planned roadworks the local authorities have lined up on your route by giving them a call, this could also help save you time with planning other routes or factoring extra time so your not too late (Girls, remember its your right to be fashionably late).

2. Theme/Style

The wedding car style needs to match your theme, doesn't it? I mean if you're having a Harry Potter or Gothic Wedding, I would imagine a vintage car may work better than a limo, Yet a Marvel themed wedding may work with a limo or Mercedes better. Each will have different price brackets due to the costs to insure and run them, the more vintage cars would be more expensive due to maintaining them will cost more due to the lack of parts comparted to more modern alternatives.

3. Service provision

Does the car of your choice come with a driver or do you have to have your own designated driver for the car, this is very important die to insurance, cost and if you have your own driver then they wont be able to have a drink whilst doing their duties.. Most transport companies have their own drivers but worth checking this out, if they do have their own driver, is it just them or do they have a drivers mate as well just in case.

4. Look locally

A local wedding car company are generally the best placed to provide you with a more personable and reliable service, this is due to the drivers will know the areas much better than someone out of town. They also will have a better idea on where they need to park at the wedding venues as more than likely have been booked for venues locally as well. We would recommend firstly taking a look at the providers in your region when finding one that is reputable. Most venues, photographers and makeup artists will even be able to recommend a few local firms, so consult with them first and foremost, as we all know that us suppliers network an awful lot with other suppliers we see as trustworthy.

5. Check availability

Wedding transport companies an get booked up as quickly as some photographers, so this could be anything up to 18 months in advanced for some high profiled and high regarded wedding transport companies. So start looking as soon as you have your date booked and your venue booked. Generally just with photographers, you will only need to put down a booking fee or a deposit with nothing to pay until closer to the big day, So if you secure the companies you want asap, you can relax and pay them off at a much more affordable rate than cramming it all in at last min.

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