Nottingham Award-Winning Fine-Art

Headshots & Portrait Photography

Step 1 - Take A Look Around Our Website!

If you love our work that you have see either through on my website portfolio or social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. You may have gone to read our about us information, and now you want to find out our packages. This is when you make your first contact with us.

Step 2 - Ready To Discuss Details.

So you love what you have read, you love the work you have seen. Now you have reviewed Our Portraiture Cost information, and feel we maybe a good fit for your Fine-art & family photography needs. Let us jump on a phone call or zoom to discuss any further questions, or if you wish to arrange a personal meeting.

Step 3 – Making A Booking With Us.

You have had your mail, phone call, Zoom or personal meeting with us and you feel we gel well. You have a good feeling that we will work well and have a lot of fun on your headshot, portrait session together. This is the time to ask for our terms and conditions/contract, once signed and a booking fee paid. Your portrait session is now secured with us. So, thank you. Simply drop us an email or phone call/text and we will send it over to you!

Step 4 – Headshots and portrait ideas.

I am here to help you plan your session perfectly. I can help you with a detailed outline on styles, outfits, props and locations where appropriate. This can include how long you need for the photoshoot, how to prepare for the shoot,

Step 5 - Your Photoshoot Day!

Wait one min, you just woke up and realised its your portrait session is today! Compose yourself as best as your excitement allows you to. Now, just have fun. We will take care of you and your memories in a natural, yet fun and creative style. Once the session is over, we will be going home whilst you continue your day and spend some valuable time backing up your images on our hard drives and another copy in our cloud space to protect your memories just in case a fire should happen, so you can guarantee your memories are safe in our hands.

Step 6 – Fine-art portrait or headshot image reveal sessions.

Within 10 to 14 working days after your photoshoot has finished, we will be in touch to arrange your portraiture image reveal session. This can be in person which we prefer as we love to see your first reactions on seeing your memories all over again. But, we are happy to offer this digitally as well. This is when you can review all the amazing photos of you all having fun and select the images you wish to place orders for, You will be able to select your favourite image for our complimentary 20x16 framed print at this point as well. don't warry if there are too many great portraits to consider ordering. We allow our clients galleries to remain active for up to 3 months in case clients wish to spread the cost of their ordering as they get paid each month.

Step 7 - Photo Delivery.

All orders will be sent directly to your home or location you have given on your order form within 10 to 14 working days, This means you can give access to your unique gallery to any friends or family who may also wish to place orders for themselves, saving you the hassle of taking orders from other people. Once arrived, open with care and hang on your walls with pride. Feel free to take a selfie next to your wall art and tag us on your social media pages. Sharing the love makes it all the more special for us.