Your first priority as an engaged couple is to set your own priorities for your wedding plans. What do you value, try and list them in order of importance to you. Is it the wedding dress? The wedding venue? As a past Groom myself, not to mention a wedding photographer, I believe that wedding couples need to make their photography a top priority next to booking their venue. (you cant book anything if you don't have a venue and date after all)

Once it's all said and done, the memories will quickly fade into the back our our minds, its only the photos and videos of the day that will bring all those emotions back from the tears, laughter and the connection between you both with your friends and family. You will start to say "Do you remember when Your DAD walked you down the isle" or " Do you remember your face when Phil (Best Man) spoke about your past memory" - Its those moments that make a wedding, the photos and videos is the portal to bring back those memories.

Your planning and preparation is now over! If you’re choosing to invest in high quality photography, What do you plan to do with them? Just post them online, have some wall art to remember the day every time you walk past. Or maybe you feel like me, that those wedding images deserve a lovely album to be in.

I offer high quality leather bound Fine Art Albums that will tell your story from one page to the next, order a pizza, have a glass of wine and sit together to reminisce over the images, the memories, the laughter and the tears. Don't forget, an album is a great thing to show the kids when they grow up, or hand down to them. The images are printed straight onto the pages and comes with a photo cover and engraving for that little extra touch!

What You're Paying For?

From first discussions to completing the shoot;

✓ Consultation to discuss your headshots and portrait requirements.

✓ Travel, Parking and studio setup time at your home or business.

✓ Lighting and test shots before shoot time starts.

✓ Friendly chat with everyone involved to gain insights on how best to approach each person and get the best out of them. (essential for kids).

✓ Up to 60 minutes for your shoot including any outfit changes you require.

✓ All images edited ready for you to see which images you would like to order ✓ Average of 20 to 30 fully edited images to review and consider.

One 20x16 Framed photo of your choice from your session plus review further image options.


After images completed - Next steps;

✓ Image reveal session, this is when you can select your favourite image for your 20x16 framed complimentary wall art print, plus any additional orders.

✓ Client Galleries remain active for 3 months, giving you the options of ordering more of your images as you get paid each month instead of all in one go.

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