How to select your wedding suppliers?

Picking your perfect wedding suppliers is certainly one of the most exciting elements of planning your wedding day. But you will need to take your time to select the best suppliers to fit into your special wedding day. Some of the suppliers will be with you all day such as your photographer, videographer, toastmasters etc. it can be overwhelming to say the least!

I hope this wedding blog will find some use to you, there are no right or wrong ways about selecting your wedding suppliers. However, I do feel that the right approach is needed so you're not left regretting a supplier selection choice.

Groom getting ready for the big day

Time is everything, don't rush!

We all know that everyone wants the best of the best out there and the best get booked up very fast, some times 2 or 3 years in advanced, but don't let that make you make rash decisions that could make you regret the decision and cost you later. Time is what you need to consider all the options a supplier has to offer and all the different suppliers that are out there. As the choice of suppliers out there is massive.

Lets talk about research!

Lets fact facts, most engaged couples in the UK search for their wedding suppliers via; the Internet, such as Google searches, Yell, Social Media, plus recommendations from their friends and family, magazine articles, wedding fairs and advertisements on blogs, such as this one. Spend some time researching suppliers now and that will set you up for good decisions later down the road when you're ready to start contacting suppliers.

Make sure you consider the following with your research:

  • What style is your wedding: is it going to be a casual or formal day, an intimate wedding or lavish celebration, a Classic and Elegant affair or weird and quirky?

  • You want the suppliers to fit in with your styles, as they will help build the style much more for you and your guests. No point having a Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings themed wedding if your photographer cant shoot or edit quirky style photos.. Or if you're having a rusting looking wedding, you don't want a big bulky photo booth bright and sticks out, you want something that fits with the rustic styles.

  • The budget: Its so easy to go over board and just buy or book willy nilly, without considering this could hurt the total budget, if this happens you may have to cut back on other less important areas to keep within your budget.

  • Location: while some suppliers are willing to travel, others may not be. So consider where your suppliers are based. Some suppliers that are happy to travel may also have additional travel expenses, so find this out before booking their services.

Make an enquiry!

Before you make an enquiry, its important to include the following:

  • Your name (and the name of your partner). This means they can address you back in any communications in a professional manor, and address you both not just one of you.

  • Your contact details, it goes without saying really. This lets then contact you so you can discuss the wedding day plans and this will help the supplier to give you a more accurate quote.

  • The date of your wedding, no point going into the details if they already booked on your day, this could safe a lot of going back and fourth then finding out you cant book them even if you want to as they have already got a booking.

  • The wedding venue(s)/location. This again can affect the quotes you are given.

  • The service and/or product you require i.e. if you are looking for a Wedding Planner do you want them to plan your entire wedding, parts of your wedding or assist with on the day coordination?

  • A quick overview of your big day! What is it they will be doing for YOU on the day!

In terms of the enquiry itself you will need to ask the following questions:

  • Availability.

  • Price and what the price actually covers, package information or optional extras.

  • Deposit amount, when final balance will be due and any payment terms.

  • Terms and conditions for their services.

  • How to book them if you wish to go ahead.

  • Optional Extra - Its worth asking if they have any deals on at present, any discount for mid week or off peak weddings, or even do they give a discount if you work for one of the emergency services. Not all companies do, but some will, and with how expensive weddings can be, its well worth finding this information out.

The shortlist

So you have made your enquiries and you have had responses, now is the time to make a short list of the suppliers that truly blown you away. Try your best to keep your list to 2 or 3 suppliers from each service, you can also add someone else to the short list if your 1st 3 don't fit the bill at consultation.

Emotional wedding photography - all the natural moments

If needed, arrange a consultation.

You can get an idea if you like a supplier with just an email or phone call, but some you want to make sure you have more of a connection with as they will be with you a lot more then other suppliers. This could be a Photographer Videographer, Toastmaster or wedding planner.

If possible, try to meet up in person or arrange a Skype call depending on locations and availability.

Time to do more research!

Now this is where the fun gets more fun, here is when you need to start researching your short listed suppliers in much more detail:

  • You want to look at every page on their website to make sure they are consistent in their styles, personalities and read their blogs if they have one, you can often find some really insightful information with the helpful blogs they post.

  • Look at their social media accounts, such as: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest. Are they active on these accounts, who do they interact with customers that have commented on their pages. How many followers do they have and what their customer reviews have to say?

  • Look to see if they have any work featured on wedding blogs or in wedding magazines, this is not a deciding factor but its nice to see if others rate the work that they want them featured in their publications.


If you follow the process above, you should be in a good position to make a decision you're less likely to regret later on, now lets let the chosen suppliers know that you'd like to proceed with their services and double check they are still available. This is where you MUST get a contract to read through, make sure it covers all the aspects that you'd expect it to. If there are any questions arise from reading their wedding contract, then don’t be afraid to get some clarification now is better than after you have signed.

Now you have made it official and booked them, be nice and share their website on your social media, this really does show us suppliers that you're really excited at working with us. Plus it helps us reach more future customers that you may know. Also ways a positive for us.