Ian's Sports photography

In this gallery, you will find a selection of sports-related photography. If you'd like to arrange for me to take photos of your sports event, please get in touch.

All sports photography is based o your requirements and completely bespoke.

Football images coming soon..

Football Photography coming soon

I have upgraded to a professional 60-600mm sigma sports lens, I will soon be photographing a few local football teams including HucknallFootball Club, those images will be replacing my old sports portfolio due to the higher caliber of equipment.

I started to shoot sports during the first lockdown due to weddings and family photography was not allowed, but sports can be shot at a much biggest distance, I enjoyed it so much I have decided to journey into professional sports photography, This I am sure will be a big learning curve for me as I am used to being a very creative photographer that can control what happens, with sports you are confined to the action happening without interacting with it.

This will be fun, I hope you join my social media channels to join me in my journey into great sports photography, I will create some vlogs for my youtube channel along the way that may help others wanting to take this step.

Photos from a 105mm 2.8 macro lens

This was me just starting out in sports photography so not the ideal lens, new 60-600mm professional sports lens coming this week and some football match photography will replace those images.