Videography from tutorials to clients weddings.

How to use confetti Cannons at Weddings

I explain how good and easy to use confetti cannons can be for your wedding or events.

How to use smoke bombs at weddings

I explain how to use smoke bombs at events such as weddings, I go through a few safety aspects, but this is a short to the point video

How to plan a wedding on a low budget

A short video on ideas to consider if you plan to have a low budget wedding, nothing set in stone but just an idea to keep in mind for your wedding.

Mr & Mrs Johnson wedding at Eastwood Hall

Join us as a guest and watch Dan & Danielle Johnson get married at Eastwood Hall.

Mr & Mrs Williams wedding at Kelham Hall

Why not join us on this beautiful wedding at Kelham Hall

How to take waterfall photos with long exposure

I talk you through how I take photos of waterfalls. water fall featured in this tutorial is Lumsdale Falls in Matlock, Derbyshre Dales.

Eastwood Hall Wedding Photography

As Eastwood Hall's recommended photographer I have put together a video to showcase some of the weddings I have had the pleasure of photographing at Eastwood Hall over recent years.

Mr & Mrs Brewer wedding at Eastwood Hall

Join me in sharing Mr & Mrs Brewer's special day at Eastwood Hall, it was a lovely day to capture their special day.

A talk on getting into wedding photography business for school leavers

I was asked to do a little video for school leavers on getting into Wedding Photography during Covid lockdown as this will help them send out videos from various industries to help school leavers understand where they wish to focus their efforts in to secure their first jobs after leaving school and what long term goals they could consider.