Unobtrusive style of photography, meaning natural moments are captured so you can enjoy the day more. I really do feel that natural moments tell a better story than faking moments, 2 epic photographers on all wedding packages, means that I can follow your moments throughout the day capturing all your interactions between you both and your guest, whilst my 2nd photographer will be focusing on your guest's actions and interactions. Could the mean that you value the importance of the grooms first look as you walk down the aisle, and have your reactions captured as well? Or maybe, it's your father wiping a tear from his eyes as he sees you both interacting with each other. We focus our stye on lifestyle moments, meaning the images are more real-life looking than over-edited photos, with 2 photographers at your disposal, we will capture your true moments often from a different perspective. One following you both and the other following all your guests moments.

Ian is an amazing photographer. From the very first time my husband and I met Ian, we knew we wanted him to be our photographer for our wedding. He is friendly, kind, down to earth and easy-going. I would recommend Ian with no question asked. 1st class photographer.

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Rose Marie Ferguson-Cooke

I will guide you during the key portraits you want, so you will not feel awkward and your images will look amazing, fun, quirky and natural. Being an expert with creative photography, I do get asked to add a dinosaur or Starwars to other themed aspects to wedding photos. This is not a must-have process with me, but one that makes me smile, as every couple has unique styles and requirements and it is a pleasure to try something different and quirky.

Can you imagine the images you will want to order for your wall art prints? What does this look like to you? where can you vision they will be placed? Now think about what type of photos you want on your walls and this is what I need to know so I can help you craft those special moments whether they are natural moments walking down the aisle with your father or a carefully crafted portrait in the sunset or maybe it's running away from a dinosaur. Either way, it needs to be fun, relaxed and high quality.

Good vs great photos

Many photographers can capture good photos with their high-quality cameras and editing, but a great photographer can show a story being told in the images as well. Just like this image as Donnie greets her evening guests and the kids handing her some flowers. She will remember this and the whole emotions of the moment will reach out to her again when she looks back through her wedding images.

Great photos are the shots that tell an emotional connection between people, such as the father walking his daughter down the aisle with a gleaming smile or a tear to the eye, Is this the type of moment you are hoping for the most? Or maybe it's the Grooms first look. This is another reason to have 2 photographers at your wedding, as they both can focus on 1 aspect of the moment and then when having both parts to look back through, the whole moment becomes real all over again.

alternative bride greeting her guests at eastwood hall weddings - nottingham wedding photographer

Ian and his assistance came to photograph my wedding at the end of June and what a great job they did - efficient, listened to what we wanted, didn't try to push any 'extras' and the results are fantastic! We are able to look back on the memory of our wonderful day with these fabulous pictures. Thank you x

CUSTOMER REVIEW - Claire Hallsworth

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Firstly, I love things kept simple as much as possible. Why? because life is hard and stressful enough that wedding couples don't want to have to stress about working out what a supplier is offering them with complicated jargon and pricing plans etc.

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My background.

My background and why I am a good choice for your wedding photographer shortlist. I have been photographing 1000's of people since 2012 when I transitioned from a local model to a photographer. Speaking of modelling, this experience means I can help my couples with guidance during their wedding portrait or engagement sessions when required, this will help you feel comfortable whilst getting amazing shots in a flattering way.

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