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Alfreton, Derbyshire Wedding Photography & Across the UK

The work

We love to capture the interesting and exciting scenes of a couple's wedding journey, This can be from the proposal sessions, a rehearsal coverage of you both practising your vows before the big day, to the big occasion itself.

both big and small occasions create the bigger picture in our lives, as this tells us who we are, and what our personalities say about each other.


So let's capture some amazing memories together and get your story hung on your walls. not to mention have your story laid out in a beautiful wedding album to re-look back over for years to come with the kids and grandkids in the future.

Our Process

The Photographers Work Flow

1st contact & I don't mean a Star trek Film

The connection

Once a couple makes contact to discuss their amazing and exciting upcoming wedding day, this is the perfect time to ask all those important questions for you for us. 

We will want to find out what makes you both tick, and what you like and don't like to help us build a good portfolio about you both, this way we can help you capture the essence of your special day as perfect as the both of you are.

Just think about what your wedding photos will look like to you 5 years after the wedding day, what images are you most wanting to see. This is what I want to know so I can capture those moments that evoke those raw motions time and time again as you look through your wedding photos.

Email, Phone, face time or in person

Booking Your consultation

Another opportunity to drum down any burning questions you may have and compare our personalities, image quality and services against other short listed suppliers you have.

We welcome you to compare us as we can only get better with feedback on why our couples either book us or don't book us. At the end of the day, you MUST feel comfortable with whom you book. 

After all, your photographers will be with you all day, so you need to get on like best friends. 

Time to sign on the dotted line

Booking Us

Its a very simple process to hire us as your wedding photographers or videographers. 

We will create a package that meets your needs and have this drafted into our contract, we will email this over to you to read through and if happy sign digitally. 

Once you both have signed a copy you will be able to download a copy for your record and then a booking fee of just £200 will be required to secure our services and your wedding date.

We can take payments via a card with our card reader or bank transfers, but feel free to ask about other options.

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Framing both of you

Moments amongst your guests

Even though you may not always see where we are on your wedding day, be assured that our lenses will see you amongst your friends and family. 

Those natural moments of you both having a private moment in the middle of your guests walking by can still tell a beautiful love story.  

Our Process After Booking Us

The Photographers Work Flow

Our commitment to you

Research and planning

Once you have hired us we will spend some time creating your customer profile so we never miss anything discussed such as engagement session dates, meetings at the venue etc. 

We will do our venue research to make sure we are familiar with it, ahead of the big day. But we do encourage a meeting at the venue together to discuss areas of interest for photos. Let's discuss this further in person or over the phone.

its finally here

The Big Day

So about 2 months before the big day, we will reach out to make sure all is well and nothing has changed. 

We will touch-based with you a month to a few days before the day to double-check your schedule of the day including a shoot list you want to capture. (don't worry, we help you with this)

Now the day is here, I only ask you 1 thing. Enjoy the day to the max and leave the memories to me and my associate to capture forever and ever for you both. We will assist you with guidance on your photos when required but operate as a naturally taken style of wedding photos.  

What happens next

After the honeymoon

I often get asked to share a few sneak peek photos within 48 hours of the wedding day ending, I am happy to do this on our social media accounts and take you or any hashtags you have created. 

However, all images are expected to be finished and ready to view in full typically within 3 to 8 weeks depending on our workload and time of the year.

Once ready, we will invite you for a celebration session at your home, where I will run through how to use your online gallery including how to order wall art prints. Display your beautifully created wedding album (digital version) so you can either accept the design or request alterations before we send off to be printed.

Amazing Value Wedding Prices

Fully Tailored Services

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