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Stress-free wedding photography


Creative fun wedding portraits do not need to be fake, awkward feeling posing for hours at end. Not at all, A great newlywed portrait can often be just a few minutes with you both walking around a lake, fountain or even a simple car park.


As you both gaze at the eyes of each other, holding hands and talking sweet nothings into each other's ears. This is when I will be capturing some lovely moments, and yes I can guide you on your portraits as and when needed. along with natural moments as they happen to tell your own unique personal story.

The couples that book Ian Petrie's Photography, love that I focus on you and your guests real moments instead of faking the moments with an unobtrusive style of photography.

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I will look after you and your guests.
No one wants a photographer that gets in your face and tried to control the who wedding, I offer a stressfree approach to wedding photography. I will guide you through the group photos and newlywed portrait sessions so you don't feel awkward. But rest assured that about 90% to 95% of the wedding day is simply captured with no input from me as the natural moments speak for themselves. 

Affordable Wedding Photography in Derby.
I like to think I try and help all types of couples from lower budget wedding photography requirements through to higher end budget clients.
What does this mean?

  • Mini 4 hour coverage - great for those low budget weddings but still want the main part cover with high quality.

  • Maximun of 14 hour coverage for the high end clients that have lots to pack into their big day. 

  • Digital only or on an album options.

  • Video and more.

  • Other Photography includes Portraits, click here to find out about our Portraiture services.