Frequently Asked Questions

Are you insured?

Yes I have professional wedding photographer insurance. I have public liability & professional indemnity insurance as well as insurance for all my expensive kit.

How long will you stay on the day of our wedding?

If booked for a full day I will be there from preparations through to dancing, if booked for a half day (up to 4 hours) then a schedule according to your requirements will be devised.

How many pictures will we get from our wedding day?

On a full day cover I typically shoot around 2000 images sometimes more. Many of these will be duplicate & test images. From these duplicates I will normally pick one or two to best show case the moment, a wedding couple can usually expect to receive 350-800 selected images. Expect these numbers to halve for a half-day commission.

What about backing up our photographs?

The digital age has many plus points; one is that it is easy to duplicate images. When you receive a digital copy of your images, I will have also archived a copy; in a worse case scenario and you lose your pictures I still have a copy that you can purchases. I am also equipped with the latest in backup devices that takes care of my backups daily.

Do you need a power supply on the day?

I don't need any power supplies as I have a full compliment of spare batteries which are religiously charged the day/night before any wedding.

What experience/qualifications do you have?

I have been in photography for over 10 years. My photographic background covers a wide aspect of different areas such as commercial, product, studio, pets, family portraiture, equestrian and of course weddings. I have operated in nearly all photographic disciplines such as film, colour pop and black and white.

Who will edit the photographs?

I will edit the photographs; I know what works and how to retain the quality of my images. I diligently re-invest in myself on the latest techniques and updating to the newest software and equipment. I shoot in “raw files” (rather like a modern day negative) not jpeg as many photographers do, this gives me greater control over the finished image which can be colour corrected according to the lighting conditions. These edited images are then processed into jpegs to supply to my client.

What happens if you are ill?

I have a network of trusted photographers who can be called upon from a variety of Facebook forums with other photographers. It is my responsibility to provide you an alternative if such a matter arises.

Do we need to feed you?

You don’t have to but I will always say yes to a meal, I am after all on my feet for around 10-12 hours and will burn a lot of calories. It is however useful to let me know in advance if you are going to be generous so i know if i need to prepare my own lunch.

What camera equipment is used?

I primarily use Nikon Mirrorless or DLSR cameras and lenses; there is no real right or wrong choice in manufacturers of camera equipment. What does make a difference however is that all my lenses are of professional grade, unlike some cheaper choices; they have metal fittings where they attach to the camera. This means they are sharper through the lack of movement in the lens body. I typically will have 2 cameras with me throughout the day meaning a greater variety of angles and compositions.

How can we pay you?

We take a booking fee of £145 per service (Photography|Film) to secure the booking and cover the work we are required to do before your big day such as contracts, admin, planning etc. The rest of the balance is not due until 60 days before the big day. We can take card payments in person, bank transfers, or paypal, we do try to be as flexible as possible with all our wedding couples.

Are you a single photographer or a team of two?

I believe all wedding photographers should work in two's, this is for many reasons from more choice pf images for clients to enjoy, different angels, points of view and flexibility, to helping organise images and parts of the day run smoother. For those reason I offer 2 wedding photographers on all full or half day weddings, but may consider just me on ceremony only services when budgets are limited.

Do you offer other photography services?

We often can be found on horse ranches creating beautiful portraits for all equine lovers, to family photos around a local park, no matter the photography type, we are happy to work with you with any project or event you have.